Temple of Diana

The Tradition of Dianic Wicca

Temple of Diana's Dianic tradition is a Goddess and female-centered, earth-based, feminist denomination of the Wiccan religion. Dianic tradition is a vibrantly creative and evolving Women's Mystery tradition, inclusive of all women-born women and girls.

Our practices include celebrating and honoring the physical, emotional and other life cycle passages women and girls share by having been born with a female body.

Our Dianic rituals celebrate the mythic cycle of the Goddess in the earth's seasonal cycles of birth, death and regeneration, and as it corresponds to women's own life cycle transitions. Contemporary Dianic tradition recognizes the greater or lesser effects and influences of the dominant culture on every aspect of women's lives.

Since 1971, our Dianic tradition has inspired and provided healing rituals to counter the effects of living in patriarchy, and we strive to understand, deconstruct, and heal from the dominant culture wherein we live and practice our faith. We define "patriarchy," as the use of "power-over" thinking and action to oppress others, both institutionally or within the personal sphere of our lives.

Inspired by nature and aspects of the Roman goddess Diana (and her predecessor, the Greek goddess Artemis) as a protector of women and wild nature, Dianic witches are committed to finding positive life-affirming solutions for personal and global problems. We vision and strive to create a world where the web of life, which includes all living things, is honored and respected as sacred creations of the Goddess.

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