A Temple of Diana Grove is a branch of Temple of Diana offering various activities, rituals, and classes in different areas of the country. Currently, Temple of Diana groves are in California,

Michigan, and Wales


Chalice Moon/Temple of Diana, Inc., California USA

Presiding Priestess - Sandra Cybele

Located in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, Chalice Moon Grove is dedicated to education and empowerment for womyn and their daughters through nurturing our sacred spirituality and maintaining female sovereign space.

Our grove offers Full Moon gatherings, year-and-a-day classes,* and workshops both on Zoom and in person to all female-born womyn and their daughters (age 12 and up).   Monthly moon circles have been ongoing since 2001, and Goddess Witchery since 2005. Other classes and workshops are as indicated on the website.  Please check back as we are currently adding more workshops and classes.  Look for shamanic journeying to be added soon.

Please visit our website.


Circle of Aradia/Temple of Diana, Inc. California USA

Presiding Priestess - Cerridwyn Rose Labrys

Circle of Aradia is located in Los Angeles and for decades has continued to offer classes and public rituals to female-born women following the Dianic wheel of the year, the mythic cycle of the Goddess found in the seasonal earth cycles of birth, death, and regeneration. This cycle is reflected in each woman's own transitions through her life cycle. We honor and celebrate the various physical, emotional, and life-cycle passages that all women share, by virtue of having been born female. We maintain a safe, female-sovereign space for all girls and women who wish to celebrate with us the Dianic wheel of the year.


For rituals, classes and more information, please visit our website.

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Guardians of the Grove/Temple of Diana, Inc. Michigan, USA

Presiding Priestesses- Ruth Barrett and Priestess Falcon River


Guardians of the Grove is a southern Michigan grove of Temple of Diana, Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit federally-recognized Dianic temple. We provide online and in-person classes, rituals, and workshops to nurture the spiritual needs of female individuals through healing, empowerment, and celebration. ​

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For goddess folk music CDs by Ruth Barrett and leather & woodcraft by Falcon River click HERE.


Domina Lunae/Temple of Diana, Inc. United Kingdom and Italy

Presiding Priestess - Cristina Pandolfo


Domina Lunae is founded by Dianic Priestess Cristina "Dianara" Pandolfo. This Grove offers workshops and classes in the Dianic Tradition and witchcraft in the United Kingdom and Italy. She is committed to help, heal, celebrate and honor the life cycles of women's lives and empower women and girls of any age and culture by offering community rituals, spiritual space, and services in the Dianic Tradition and female witchcraft.


Visit the website at www.dominalunae.org (eng)


www.dominalunae.it (ita) 

EMAIL:  info.dominalunae@gmail.com


Daughters of the Silver Crescent/Temple of Diana, Inc. Michigan USA

Presiding Priestesses Medea Wolfe and Monarch Madrone

Daughters of the Silver Crescent is based near East Lansing Michigan.  In ancient times, there was a training center for women and girls to worship, study and develop skills in Her name.  This virtual Sanctuary of Artemis is an international religious education grove of the Temple of Diana Inc. We provide scholarship, support, and classes, as well a central guild network, for women to connect around themes contained within feminist witchcraft and the Dianic tradition.  We also continue to serve as a local and regional resource and ritual space for women in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. However, our temple includes women in many states including Arizona, California, Oregon, and Hawaii.

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