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The Moon Hut is Temple of Diana’s new home for our Grove's collective educational programs, classes, rituals and other events offered online. The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated changing our in-person classes and rituals to online formats. Throughout 2020 we experienced an expansion of interest and participation in our programs and rituals. Although participating online is not equivalent to gathering in our circles for classes and rituals in person, we are very happy with the successes of adapting to the online formats that have allowed us to welcome women from throughout the United States and abroad.


Her-story of The Moon Hut

In 1975 I gathered weekly with a small group of women in a round yurt surrounded by tall redwoods in the Santa Cruz mountains to study with my first formal teacher of goddess spirituality, Shekhinah Mountainwater. She called her home, The Moon Hut, and it was a magical witches cottage where this circle of women explored goddess lore and myths, altered states of consciousness through ritual, meditation and chant, and feminist discussions that culminated in the creation of a Pact of Sisterhood. These were precious and formative times. Not one of us could have imagined that what we were experiencing would eventually become part of what became the Goddess Movement.


Inspired by my memories of this first “Moon Hut” for magical exploration, healing, and celebration, Temple of Diana opens the door to our “virtual” Moon Hut – with opportunities for women to enter and study a variety of topics in the Dianic tradition of feminist Witchcraft, share seasonal and lunar rituals, and more. Please consider joining the contact lists for our Groves offering classes and rituals so you can receive notices directly. Our online classes and rituals are offered by seasoned Priestesses and teachers from our Temple of Diana groves, which are branches of the Temple located in the U.S.A and Europe. Welcome to our virtual Moon Hut!


Ruth Barrett, co-founder, Temple of Diana, Inc.

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