The Temple of Diana, Inc. and its Groves sponsor five types of events open to women. (Please read Our Definition of Womanhood before planning to come to an event.)


Rituals to celebrate the eight holy days of the Wheel of the Year, or the phases of the moon, are offered by some of our Groves. Some of these are open to nonmembers. Please check with the individual Groves for information.


Workshops are one or two day meetings, focused on a particular topic, designed for small usually local groups. Classes meet for a series of on-going sessions, with each class teaching a particular skill or skill set.  Classes are offered on an on-demand basis, with a minimum number of sign-ups needed for a class to be scheduled. For information about upcoming workshops and classes offered by our Groves, please check with the individual Groves.


Gatherings are three or four day yearly events, held at a conference space, which bring together presenters on various topics and women from all over. Our annual gathering is Daughters of Diana Gathering around Halloween every October:


The Spiral Door Women's Mystery School of Magic and Ritual Arts is a four-year program. For detailed information about what is taught and the application process, please click on the Spiral Door Info link.



Temple of Diana Expectations

of Members and Participant Conduct at Temple events

All Temple of Diana and affiliated Grove events are alcohol and drug free.


The Dianic religion is dedicated to challenging isms such as racism, classism, and homophobia within ourselves and our communities, and does not support power-over thinking or actions.  Our religion steadfastly holds to the Wiccan Rede; an it harm none, do as ye will as well as the belief that the energy and actions we put out into the world, returns to us threefold.


Temple of Diana endeavors to create safe places for women and girls to gather, exchange ideas and support each other.  Our religion celebrates diversity, partnership, empowerment and pleasure.


Temple of Diana vehemently opposes patriarchy in its external and internal forms, and seeks to dismantle its institutions. Patriarchy harms all life; women, men, our children, and our Mother Earth.  While our tradition’s focus is solely on serving the needs of woman and girls, we all have men and boys in our lives whom we love.  In our definition of patriarchy, we refer to the dominator model of power-over that has historically denigrated women and nature.  We seek a world wherein all people, women and men alike, are free from internalized oppression and patriarchal domination.

We expect our members and participants to support this vision, and refrain from derogatory words that carelessly or hurtfully generalize about men and boys, or mothers of male children.


It is our expectation that differences and disagreements are a normal process in daily life, however, it is also our expectation that disagreements are handled honorably and do not include bullying, ridicule, language that can be described as hate speech, condescension or rudeness.  We believe in women taking full responsibility for their actions as quickly as possible when disagreements arise.

Temple of Diana, Inc. reserves the right to withdraw participation from Temple events from anyone who cannot abide by this code of conduct.

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Text on the Dianic tradition excerpted from Temple of Diana founder, Ruth Barrett from Women's Rites, Women's Mysteries (Copyright, Tidal Time Publishing, LLC)