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Daughters of the Goddess
San Francisco / Bay Area, Dianic, womyn-only Goddess Temple dedicated to honoring Multicultural Goddesses through rituals and celebrating ceremonies of Womyn's Mysteries in the Spirit of Aloha.


The Goddess Temple of Orange County

The Temple is a multi-roomed sacred space devoted to honoring and celebrating the first form of spirituality expressed by humanity: Goddess. This most ancient, wise, and loving religion of the earth honors and recognizes Woman as the natural spiritual authority for the world. Presiding Priestess, Ava Park.

Carolyn Hillyer

Music, books, paintings, instruments, workshops, conferences. Carolyn is awesome in all she does!


Dancing Tree Music
For CDs and concert information about Ruth Barrett.

Motherpeace Tarot
Karen Vogel and Vicki Noble's Feminist, Woman-centric Tarot Deck.

Daughters of the Moon Tarot
Ffiona Morgan, A Feminist Woman focused Tarot Deck.

Patricia Monaghan
Books by a prominent scholar of goddess spirituality.

Goddess Ink

A new press dedicated to publishing high quality, affordable and accessible scholarly and creative books in the fields of Women's Spirituality and Goddess Studies, which seeks to maintain the legacy of previously published work as well as to encourage new research and creativity.





Goddess Resources
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